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Recorder of Deeds

Recording Requirements

Printable Recording Requirements

  1. Acknowledgement date cannot predate document date.
  2. Acknowledgement must include the following: County, State, date, person or corporate officer’s names and titles of persons appearing, notary signature, seal and expiration date. If any item is missing, the acknowledgement is defective.
  3. Deeds and mortgages should indicate the property’s municipality, county and state.
  4. Numerical amount must match written amount on deeds and mortgages.
  5. Book and page numbers of mortgages must appear on all documents that refer back to document.
  6. Transfer taxes or statement of value must accompany all transfers unless exemption is clearly stated in the deed (family transfers). The department of Revenue requires statement of value from to be fully completed.
  7. Multiple documents constituting one transaction must clearly indicate on each document the order of recording; any re-recording expenses from improper order of recording will be paid by party submitting document.
  8. Re-recording of document must be re-acknowledged.
  9. Deed with transfer tax in more than one municipality must stipulate division of transfer taxes.
  10. Deeds and mortgages and assignments must have certified grantee/mortgagee address; certifications should be signed.
  11. All checks must include the account holder’s address.
  12. All documents directly related to real estate MUST show the County Tax Parcel Number and be submitted to the Bucks County Board of Assessment PRIOR TO RECORDING.
  13. Deeds conveying property in any of the following municipalities must be registered with them within 72 hours after recording: Sellersville, Perkasie, New Britain, Newtown, Doylestown and Morrisville Boroughs and Buckingham, Doylestown, New Britain, Lower Southampton, Wrightstown, Durham and Warwick Townships.

Notice: Effective July 1, 2012 the Bucks County Recorder of Deeds office will no longer be assigning book and page numbers to recorded documents. Documents will be assigned an instrument number only.

Bucks County Office of Recorder of Deeds
Robin Robinson, Recorder of Deeds
Kristin Nielsen, 1st Deputy
Dianne C. Magee, Solicitor

Bucks County Courthouse
55 East Court St, 6th Floor (New Location)
Doylestown, PA 18901
Phone: 215-348-6209