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Mary Smithson, Clerk of Courts

Mary K. Smithson
Clerk of Courts

Mission Statement

The mission of the Clerk of Courts office is to provide a wide range of services to law enforcement, judicial systems, county government and the citizens of Bucks County. Employees are committed to providing courteous, efficient and professional service. This is accomplished through maintaining high ethical standards while fulfilling our constitutional and statutory duties.

Office Overview

The Clerk of the Court of Quarter Sessions and Oyer and Terminer has existed in Pennsylvania since the first organization of English government in colonial America. A change in the Pennsylvania Constitution consolidated all the various courts into the Court of Common Pleas with the clerk now being known as the Clerk of Courts.

The primary responsibility of the Clerk of Courts is the custodian of the criminal court records.  We also are the keeper of the juvenile delinquency and dependency court records.  All 67 Counties in Pennsylvania utilize the Common Pleas Case Management System (CPCMS) to facilitate the transfer of information and data from the Magisterial District Courts, Court of Common Pleas, and PA State Police.  The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts consistently updates CPCMS to maintain compliance with ever-changing legislation and rules. All case processing in the Clerk of Courts is recorded in CPCMS which is critical to facilitate an efficient and effective criminal justice system.

I am proud to present the following financial facts on behalf of the dedicated staff of the Bucks County Clerk of Courts office.  The Clerk of Courts office assesses, collects, and disburses restitution and court costs.  In 2018, we disbursed $2.2 million in restitution to crime victims and $2.2 million to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. We also disbursed approximately $5.1 million to the County of Bucks.

The Bucks County Clerk of Courts was the first in the state to contract with an outside collection agency in 1997. Since the inception of this initiative, we have collected over $5 million in revenue at no cost to the taxpayers.

It is important to acknowledge the decrease in criminal cases from 2017 (8,739 cases) to  2018 (7,461 cases).  This can be attributed in part, to new diversionary programs such as Community Accountability Program (CAP) and Drug Court Diversionary Program (DCDP) established by the courts, resulting in a reduction in the number of cases brought forward to the Court of Common Pleas.

We continue to maintain our tradition of quality and public service while maintaining the integrity of our criminal records.  Please email us at cocassociates@buckscounty.org if you should have any questions.

Thank you,

Mary K. Smithson

2019 Fee Bill

Office of The Clerk of Courts
Mary K. Smithson, Clerk of Courts
Natalie Litchko , First Deputy
Allen Toadvine, Esq., Solicitor

Bucks County Justice Center
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Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901 
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