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PFA Court
Notice to Parties – Judge Trauger

 A PFA petition is generally resolved in one of two ways.  If you agree to terms, without admission of wrongdoing, the Court can review the agreed to terms with the parties and enter the Agreed Order.  There is no finding of wrongdoing – it is simply an agreement between the parties.

If a hearing is conducted, the Court will render a finding – that means the Court will hear the testimony and make a decision based on the evidence and assessment of credibility.  If the Court enters an Order after a contested hearing it means that the Court has made a factual and legal determination that the acts or some of the acts alleged have occurred and the plaintiff requires protection under the law.

In conclusion – an agreement without admission of wrongdoing is simply the parties coming to an agreement for an Order.  If an Order is entered after a hearing, there is a factual and legal finding of wrongdoing that warrants protection for the plaintiff.

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