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When both parties agree that they want a civil custody or divorce process, ground rules can be established to accomplish that goal.  These ground rules can be uniquely tailored to the situation between the parties.  Here are five basic actions that encourage civility between the parties to promote the best interest of their child or children:

  • Ban name calling or insults from your negotiation or personal communications with each other.
  • Listen to the other party without interrupting and remain flexible in generating options for solutions.
  • Treat everyone with respect – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  • Recognize opposing viewpoints and opinions without denigrating them or attempting to humiliate the other person.
  • Discuss issues cooperatively rather than argue.  At one time you had a loving and good relationship with the other person.

The degree to which you practice civility in your discussions and negotiations greatly impacts the results.  There is a correlation before active, civil, respectful engagement and how both parties view the negotiated agreement and their relationship moving forward.

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